There are 80 separate routines in the Back-in-Rehab Programme. Being able to start with a very gentle routine allows almost anybody the chance to begin the Back-in-Rehab Programme. As you improve and progress at your own individual pace, more demanding levels can be attempted. The important thing is you have the freedom to increase or decrease the level of exercise when it suits you.

  • All exercises have been carefully selected from very gentle in Stage 1 to difficult in Stage 8.
  • There are 10 Levels in each Stage to allow your body time to adapt to each challenge.

Estimate your own realistic training level to achieve and maintain your goal.

  • You should find the exercises easy to perform before progressing to the next level.
  • Starting too high and progressing too quickly is a common mistake and should be avoided.
  • Attempting to do so usually causes a flare-up of symptoms followed by a reluctance to resume exercising.
  • Far better, to steadily persist with a gradual and regular routine to find after a few weeks you are doing more, with less discomfort.
Ideal Training

Ideal Training