Endurance Training to improve aerobic fitness is an important component for a healthy back.

Recording how many calories you have burned by being active in one exercise session can be a useful measure of your endurance. Exercise calories can also be calculated using a pedometer. Exercise Calories recommended in the Back-in-Rehab programme must be in ADDITION to your normal daily activity and may be accumulated throughout the day. It is not essential to perform the endurance exercise immediately after the loading sequence. During the early stages, it will be more beneficial to PACE and be slightly more active throughout the day rather than during one intense episode. So if you need to walk for 20 minutes, it can be made up of 5 minute walks 4 times a day. The type of exercise is up to you, the exercise should not cause discomfort, and should be fun so you want to do it again. Some higher intensity loading exercises like skipping can be included in your exercise calorie calculations. Additional guidance relating to your pattern of restriction can be found in the Back-in-Rehab Programme.