5 Components

The Back-in-Rehab Programme utilises 5 key components for improving the health of your back.

Perception To improve your ability to position the back (how your body determines where your back is positioned in 3 dimensional space).

Flexibility Increasing flexibility to restore your normal movement helps to reduce low back pain.

Strength Improved lumbar spine muscle strength and muscle endurance reduces the likelihood of recurrent low back pain.

Functional Loading Bed rest is detrimental for the recovery of LBP and should be avoided. Controlled loading in the upright position is required for normal function and active living.

Endurance Improved general fitness is associated with a lower incidence of low back pain.

Wherever possible, try and improve your weakest or most challenging component before progressing to the next level of training. For example, if you have difficulty with flexibility (shown below), you may find repeating the Back-in-Rehab Programme sequence or individual exercises for flexibility several times a day more helpful toward achieving your goals. Your healthcare provider may be able to assist you in overcoming specific difficulties.

Back-in-Rehab components

Back-in-Rehab components