Chronic back pain generates a multitude of complex interaction between the mind and body. Motor and Sensory areas within the brain become distorted when you have Chronic Low Back Pain. These somatosensory areas may enlarge and become less clearly defined resulting in poor awareness of movement and poor control of movement. The net effect can lead to deterioration in both mental and physical health.

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

  • An overview of The Problem and The Solution.
  • If you have experienced Chronic Pain for a long time, a sensible, structured approach is necessary to build a solid foundation for future progress.
  • The Back-in-Rehab Programme deals with many of these issues.
  • Use Movement Maps to discover where you can experience pain free movement.
  • Pain free movement and movement awareness exercises are used to enhance your functional activity.
Low Back Representation in the Brain

Pain Distorting the Cortex of the Brain

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