Back in Bed

If there is less than full range comfortable movement, different postures when lying in bed may be painful. Changing position and allowing the back to be closer to zone 1 or zone 2 will usually be more comfortable and better tolerated.

  • Test by slowly moving the pelvis and spine in different directions from your normal lying position.

Lying on your back:

The spine may be positioned in zone 3 or 4 and often goes unnoticed.

Supporting the legs over a cushion, may help to position the spine closer to zone 1 or 2 and away from areas of discomfort.

Lying on your side:

Depending on your shape, you may find the back is stretched one side or the other. To see for yourself, have someone take a photo of your back when you are lying down in bed.

Lying in bed on the right side

Lying in bed on the right side

Here the back is stretched towards the right, near the extreme of the available movement. This position may seem comfortable and normal when you are symptom free. If you have restriction and pain towards the right, this position would become painful.

Lying in Bed on the Right Side with Support

Lying in Bed on the Right Side with Support

Using a cushion under the side or between the knees may provide comfort by placing your back closer to a mid-position.